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Power Animal Stone Set


Since the beginning of time people of the earth have sought visions and messages communicated through our interaction with nature.  Animals have lessons to teach us and messages to share that provide us with direction, protection, compassion & healing.  By focusing your energy on a life question, a subject you'd like guidance with or a theme for the day you can choose a stone and interpret the qualities & behaviors of that animal to apply to your life/day.  Throughout the day remain open to the process of interpreting how the message/s might apply to your life.  This is a fun way to connect, communicate with & receive helpful guidance/messages from Spirit.  Set includes 40 tokens (each 1" wide) and comes in a soft velvet drawstring pouch stamped "What Message Do The Animals Have For You Today?".  Tri-fold brochure with itemized animal qualities will guide you.  This set is blessed by a practicing Shamanic Healer.  Gift box available from drop down menu.

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