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Blessing Stone Set #2


This blessing stone set of 27 individual word stones was created to be used when you would like to bring healing and enlightenment into your life.  Go to a quiet place, ask for guidance and pick a stone.  The word/s you choose will be something you can focus on for that hour/day/week.  The set is blessed by a practicing Shamanic Healer.  Set comes in a muslin drawstring pouch stamped with the product name and includes an insert with product description.  Each stone is handmade!  Stones measure approximately 1" each.  A perfect size to stick in your pocket/carry on you for the day.  SET #2 WORDS: communicate - surrender - truth - compassion - organize - honesty - release - simplify - rebirth - forgive - expectations - flexibility - create - purpose - heal - harmony - transform - freedom - integrity - passion - serenity - inspire - trust - tranquility - balance - realign - vision.  

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