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Blessing Stone Set #1


This blessing stone set of 27 individual word stones was created to be used when you would like to bring healing and enlightenment into your life.  Go to a quiet place, ask for guidance and pick a stone.  The word/s you choose will be something you can focus on for that hour/day/week!  The set is blessed by a practicing Shamanic Healer.  Set comes in a muslin drawstring pouch stamped with the product name and includes an insert with product description.  Each stone is handmade!  Stones measure approximately 1" each.  The perfect size to stick in your pocket/carry on you for the day.  SET #1 WORDS: courage - grace - forgive - breathe - dream - peace - gratitude - trust - abundance - faith - listen - laughter - opportunity - patience - confidence - love - strength - joy - sobriety - give - visualize - clarity - light - believe - smile - passion - hope. 

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