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This product was inspired by a very special friend who, upon the dawning of each new year, asks, through meditation, for one word she can focus on throughout the year.  She keeps/grows that word in her head and her heart.  When you do this, you open yourself up to life experiences that bring more of this to your life.  You create a spiritual and personal playground for yourself.  You tap into self-awareness, you attract situations related to this word, you stretch and grow and heal and illuminate your soul in all things related to this word.  Through pure intention, I will choose one packaged word for you.  It will be the word that is, without exception, meant for you.  It is the law of attraction.  When you receive your word stone it may resonate with you immediately... it may not.  Trust the process.  Over time you will see how powerful this word is in your life.  Your (approximately) 1" word stone comes in a drawstring muslin pouch packaged in a cellophane bag (& ready to gift).  Includes insert explaining product.  Each stone is handmade.  Priced individually (one stone).  If you are ordering multiple stones I promise you that each recipient will receive the word intended for him/her.  For the purest results, don't peek at the word/s to determine what word YOU feel the recipient (including yourself) should receive... leave that up to the universe!  *GREAT GIFT FOR A SPECIAL FRIEND!*

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