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About Me

Welcome to Claysonnets.  I feel strongly that we are all exactly where we are meant to be at any given time.... with that said, I'm glad you have arrived here.  I do believe that Claysonnets has been manifesting for many years.   I was buying wholesale rubber stamps and creating elaborate cards in 1987, long before the stamping craze hit.  I started delving into spiritual energy work in my early 20’s.  Throughout my many jobs (all of which had a way-too-early start time) I was always taking on new creative hobbies.  As my 3 children began tying their shoes by themselves I began a career as a children's photographer (  People often ask 'are you a photographer or a clay artist?' - the answer is I am both.  I grew up with an artist/potter mom and a teacher/writer dad... and a basement that was always a creative workshop for myself & my 4 siblings.  I started experimenting with clay over 10 years ago under my mother’s tutelage.  I wrote down all of my ideas over the years and after some research I created my first wave of custom stamps for my products.  I'm often asked where I find my quotes and the truth is the quotes find me.  The ideas kept coming.  As my custom-created stamp orders began to arrive, I created a home studio space (grabbing any minutes I could amidst the chaos and responsiblities of being a mom of 3) and Claysonnets was born.  All of the stamps I work with are custom made… you won’t see them anywhere else.  I thought of my gifted friend Reiki Master Lucy Walker (, who I had done some spiritual work with over the past few years and knew I had to have her work along with me to bless the stones I was creating.  What you see here is the result of what I believe to be the intersection of a creative dream and finding something you love to do.  Thanks for being a part of the journey.      *If you are interested in a custom order (think "favors") for an event (corporate, personal, non-profit, etc) please contact me.  **please read ORDER TIME INFO on home page before you place an order! 

Dana DeTullio Bauro

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