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This stone set of 21 individual Illumination Tokens was created to be used when you would like to bring healing, awareness & enlightenment into your life.  Go to a quiet place, ask for guidance and pick a stone (or 2!).  The token you choose is a message from the universe showing you what you need to focus on for that hour, day, week.  By choosing a token you invite the universe to share experiences with you that will illuminate you with reminders & observations in direct connection with the words.  A powerful tool for your personal spiritual-awareness journey.  The set is blessed by a practicing Shamanic Healer.  Set comes in a soft velvet drawstring pouch stamped with the product name and includes an insert with product description.  Stones measure 1.25" each.  The perfect size to stick in your pocket/carry on you for the day.  Gift box available from drop down menu.  

Today I will stay present to each moment - Today I will be inspired - Today i will celebrate the wonder of me - I will find the truth of this moment - Today I will be a co-creator of peace & compassion - Today I will find magic in the world - Today I will practice gratitude & grace - Today I will sit in stillness & listen to my inner voice - Today I will forgive myself & all others - Today I will hold my intentions high - Today will be filled with laughter & joy - Today I will cultivate my creativity - Today I will release all that no longer serves me - Today will be about what I can give - Today I will celebrate beauty - Today I will be surrounded by & filled with divine light - Today I will bless the path of everyone I meet - Today I will have patience with myself & others - Today I will release all judgement & fear - Today I will recognize the possibilities in my life - Today I will recognize that I am powerful beyond measure

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