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This blessing stone set of 12 individual word stones was created for girls & boys to use to be reminded of their incredible internal beauty & strength.  These stones can be used to assist in feeling a connection with/listening to their inner voice.  By focusing on this and picking a stone they can interpret how the stone they pick can give them some insight into something they can work on in that moment, that hour, that day.  The set is blessed by a practicing Shamanic Healer.  Set comes with a muslin drawstring "keeper" pouch stamped with the product name and includes an insert with product description.  Stones measure approximately 1.5"-2" each.  Each stone is handmade.  A perfect size to stick in your pocket!  WORDS:  confidence - acceptance - be fair - courage - patience - empowerment - love yourself - inner-beauty - grace - strength - foregiveness - clarity.  

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